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It's not OK to be away.... or to be late to school 

When kids miss school, not only is their academic progress impeded, forcing them to catch up on missed work (which some never do), they often miss important interactions with their peers which can compound issues of social isolation and low self-esteem.

Michael Grose talks about Resilience and Resourcefulness in kids. 

You can now access parent tip sheets and other resources from Michael Grose as well as local forums and workshops to provide you with the skills, networks and information to help you on this parenthood journey!


Natural Disasters

Michael Grose has released an article in regards to the impact that frightening visual images of natural disasters from around the world can have on children, and the best ways for parents to manage the questions that these images and events raise.


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You can also click on the link for an online copy of his parenting magazine "The Parenting Ideas". Please let us know what you think of these parenting resources - after all - they are here for you!