What's On

The Meeting Place
Is held once a fortnight during school terms for the aboriginal children within the Mount Alexander shire. Students are collected from their school and taken to The Meeting Place which is held at the old Yapeen School site, which is a campus of the Castlemaine Secondary College. Whilst there the students learn about the local Jaara Jaara knowledge and Aboriginal beliefs and complete activities that are culturally enriching, and have incorporated the cross curricular priorities within the Australian Curriculum.  For more information about The Meeting Place click here.

Our Community

To keep up to date with what's going on in and around our community, keep an eye on this page - the Harcourt Valley Community website - where you will find out more about your community and the businesses that are run here, the industries, the events and the great ways you can get involved.



Other Parent Activities

A small group of parents came in to make Sushi - Andrea shared her skills and knowledge with the other parents who went home to impress their families with their new abilities!!



One week it was crochet! From Beginner to Advanced, they sat and hooked, trebled, chained and created!!! A great chance to catch up on the local news, swap parenting stories, learn new skills and connect with your community.





May  - Bread making was the activity this week - and the school smelled fabulous!! We had mixing, kneading, rising, warming, loaves and rolls. There are few things yummier than warm home-made bread, and today some of our parents learned the best tricks to get them started!