Our Staff

The Staff at Harcourt Valley Primary School include five class-room teachers, three specialist teachers, two teacher aides, administrative staff and volunteer helpers who work with children to ensure that they achieve their very best.

Methods used by teachers in the school aim at giving all children success in their day to day work. While general guidelines provided by DEECD and the school give teachers direction, there is opportunity for teachers to use methods which best suit the children in the particular grade they teach.

Much work is done at an individual level in an attempt to meet the needs of individual children. Teachers meet regularly to discuss the work being attempted and the methods being used. Particular teachers take responsibility for coordinating certain curriculum areas throughout the school.

English and Maths provide the core of the curriculum, but in line with the Victorian Essential Learning Standards, many learning areas are integrated into theme based curriculum.



Grade Prep

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3/4

Grade 5/6

Education Support

Lote - French




Mr Andrew Blake

Mrs Stacey Turner

Mr Ben Walter

Miss Laura Parkhill

Mrs Katrina Victor-Gordon

Mr Matt Watkins

Mrs Raewyn Rice & Mrs Andrea Brasher

Madame Katie Kilgour

Ms Hanah Vellacott

Mrs Katrina Hood

Mrs Nicki Renfrey & Mrs Tracey Chapman