Harcourt Valley library is located in the centre of our main school building. Children are taught about the storage of books, how important it is to look after them and are encouraged to borrow books to take home.

Each student is provided with their first blue library bag (which has their name on it) for the purpose of storing their library books. Without a library bag, children are unable to borrow books from the library. Replacement bags are available from the office for a nominal charge. Lost or damaged books will be invoiced to parents, and prompt payment is requested, so that we can replace the lost or damaged books as soon as possible.

Loans from our school library are for two weeks at a time. In the first half-year, Preps may borrow one book. Grades 1 & 2 (and Preps in the second half of the year) may borrow two books. Grades 3 & 4 may borrow three books and Grades 5 & 6 may borrow four books.