School Wide Positive Behaviour Support

School-wide positive behaviour support (SWPBS) is a framework that brings together school communities to develop positive, safe, supportive learning cultures.


SWPBS assists schools to improve social, emotional, behavioural and academic outcomes for children and young people. When SWPBS is implemented well, teachers and students have more time to focus on relationships and classroom instruction. Students and staff benefit from:

  •  increased respectful and positive behaviour.
  • increased time focused on instruction.
  • improved social-emotional wellbeing.
  • positive and respectful relationships among students and staff.
  •  a predictable learning environment with improved perceptions of
    safety and increased attendance.


Harcourt Valley Primary School Expectations Mascots 

Respectful Robert 




Responsible Regina 

Curious Carlos


Expected Behaviours

All students are taught about our Expected Behaviours through our Matrix. This is how they show our school values of Respect, Responsiblity and Curiosity in their actions























Inappropriate Behaviours

If students have not yet learnt how to demonstrate the expected behaviour and instead they display inappropriate behaviours, we follow a process to teach them how to show the expected behaviour. You can see what we do by reading the Responding to Inappropriate Behaviours Flowchart bellow. 
























SWPBS includes practices that provide students with feedback on the accuracy and use of their social skills and behaviours, in the same manner that feedback is provided for successful and accurate academic performance. At Harcourt Valley Primary School our students are rewared with Core points to spend at our Core Store each friday. 


Core points:



When students display one of our expected behaviours they are rewarded with one core point. 























Apple Certificate: 

When a student receives 15 core points in a week they receive an apple certificate to take home and an apple to place on our whole school apple tree when the whole school fills the apple tree the whole school receives a large reward such as movie day out, out of uniform days or a fun sports day. 


















House Points: 

Each student is allocated into one of our 3 houses; Lang, Mitchell and Barker. Each student’s core point total goes towards their house point total when the houses reach an individual goal the whole house is rewarded with a prize/reward.

















Core Point Store 

A favourite Friday activty for Harcourt Valley Primary School students is visiting our Core Store it is packed full of wonderful gifts, vouchers, experiences and items that students can purchase with their accrued Core Points.









Minor and Major Flow Chart

Our staff are committed to responding to minor and major behaviour in a consistent and predictable manner and therefore follow our SWPBS minor and major flow chart when responding to inappropriate behaviour. 

In line with our school wide response to minor behaviours, a third minor behaviour equates to a mjor behaviour. In the event a student receives an initial major behaviour, parents/carers will be notified by the following Xuno message shown below:

Harcourt Valley Primary School is committed to providing a safe, secure and consistent leaning enviroment that meets the needs of our students. We believe that social, emotional and physical wellbeing is fundamental to effective leanring and wellbeing. To enable us to sustain a safe, secure and consistent learning enviroment, students are taught about expected behaviours through our SWPBS program that we display at school and in the community; and they are supported in learning about behaviours that are appropriate, inappropriate and unacceptable in the school enviorment. This notification is to infrom you that (Student) has displayed a Major behaviour that is unacceptable as outlined in our Major flow chart. After receiving the Major behaviour (student) will have a restorative conversation with a teacher and receive a logical consequence.

An example of what constitutes a major and minor behaviour can be found above.